Sunday, February 22, 2009

India miracle

In 2006, I had the privilege of spending some time with a team in India. While we were there, we prayed for a Pastor and his wife. They had been trying for over two years to have children. Doctor's told them it wasn't possible.

But nothing is impossible for God, right?!

This is a picture of them with their baby girl, who they named 'Angel'. :-)

Monday, February 9, 2009

24/7 Prayer Week

It has been an incredible week!

I thought I would just share a little of what God has done. . .

We kicked off a week of 24/7 prayer last Sunday. It was awesome to see the body of Christ coming together in unity.. people from all over Hamilton, came together to pray and to usher the presence of God into our City and into our Nation. More and more people caught onto the fact that prayer and an outpouring of the Spirit of God go hand in hand, and it was great to see people turning up all hours of the day and night to press in for more.

At the beginning of the week, God spoke to me so powerfully - it put the fear of God into me and had me on my face, unable to move for 2 hours. He said that the Spirit of God that is being released into this City, is unstoppable. There is a powerful move of God coming that is uncontrollable. And we need to learn to lay low and not get in the way of what the Spirit is doing.

He then began to show me how we need to be pure in heart and empty of self, because if there is any pride or idolatry.. any 'flesh' that is standing in the way.. its going to wipe us out. We need to be empty of 'self' , crucified with Christ, so that God can fill us with HIS power and HIS glory. The deep things of God cannot enter our carnal minds. We need to learn to walk in the Spirit. In the power of HIS Spirit. The river is beginning to rise (Ezekiel 47) and we need to lay low in the river. Let the river consume us. The river from the throne of God (Revelation 22) . Just lay down. Then when God say's to stand, our flesh has been washed away and we stand in the power of the Spirit.

We have already begun to see a tiny glimpse of what is the result of the week of prayer. There was truly an open Heaven over the prayer house. A few times during the week, I walked into the house, and the power and Glory of God almost knocked me off my feet. I heard stories of people coming in, and just beginning to sob as the Holy Spirit touched them. I know alot of people actually got taken in the Spirit to Heavenly realms, and for me personally, four times this week I have been taken in the Spirit, to Heaven. I can hardly put into words the things that God has allowed me to see. . . wow.

On Saturday night, I could see Angels in the house and also walking up and down the street outside of the house. So many Angels that they could not be numbered. At 8.30pm, a 10 year old boy came and asked what was going on. A lady that was there told him about Jesus, and he was like 'COOL!!!' We prayed for him, and then HE started praying... wow! it was so cool! I love how kids pray!!! He had such a hungry open heart. We went back inside and continued to worship. . . Around 12.30am Sunday morning, 8 teenagers just walked in off the street and began to ask us about Jesus. Once again, they were so hungry and open and just eager to hear about God! Generally when young people are in a group like that, they are too embarrased about what their friends might think to really show any interest, but these kids sat there for an hour and a half listening to the word of God. One girl had words of knowledge for some of the kids... they were amazed and then asked if we could pray for them! A young guy who was with us, got up and just began to preach and tell them about Jesus and all that He has done for us. It was a powerful night but it is only the beginning...


Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of the week of prayer! You guys are amazing.

I pray that God would pour out His Spirit and His blessings on you in greater measure. That you would encounter Him in new and powerful ways. That His hand would be upon you more and that His face would shine on you.

Blessings on you!!!